Wooden Dish Brush with Replaceable Head
Wooden Dish Brush with Replaceable Head

Wooden Dish Brush with Replaceable Head

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Let’s get back to basics, a sustainable dish brush with the scrubbing power you need and none of the plastic you don’t! Made from natural, sustainable beech wood and plant-based bristles.

Unlike a dish brush with plastic bristles which can shed hairs that can end up in the ocean, the bristles on this brush are made from natural Tampico fibre bristles which are 100% biodegradeable. Tampico is a very robust fibre from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus, which grows only in the highlands of northern Mexico. Tampico has great water-retaining properties, is resistant and hard-wearing, and keeps its shape without softening.

Even better, a sustainably sourced natural beechwood handle AND…the brush head is replaceable - click here for replacement heads.

To change the head of a dish brush: Pull on the handle and hold the metal clip. When the clip is released, slide the head out of the metal clip. Then replace the head and insert the metal clip back into the handle. When the head is removed for the first time you need to wiggle the metal clip as you pull it out of the handle. This will loosen the area if it feels a bit stiff. Please don't try to pull straight, the head is easily removed if you wiggle and pull.