Reusable Mini Sanitary Pad/Pantyliner Organic Cotton Velour - Black

Reusable Mini Sanitary Pad/Pantyliner Organic Cotton Velour - Black

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Join the menstrual revolution and make your periods plastic free! 

A very cute and sleek pantyliner for your lightest flow days. Made from a layer of lovely soft organic cotton velour and backed with the same black organic cotton velour as on top these pads all have wings made from the same material too. Their lightweight design makes these pads comfortable to wear all day even if you like to wear a pantyliner when its not that time.

Honour Your Flow pads have the wings on the back, which makes for a comfortable and slim fitting pad, and the popper underneath prevents any sideways slipping. Wear with snug fitting knickers and machine wash up to 60'.

Better for you - some popular brands of disposable sanitary ware contain up to 90% plastic, yet unknowingly women are putting this in direct contact with one of the most delicate and absorbent areas of our bodies.

Better for the planet - The average woman will throw away 200kg of menstrual products in a lifetime much of which finds its way to landfill or sadly our oceans. Figures from the Marine Conservation Society show that around 4.8 piece of menstrual product waste are found per 100m of beach!

Choose to wash and reuse, Honour Your Flow!