About Us

At Little Green Dot we believe many people making little changes can make a big difference which is why we source the best eco-friendly, sustainable products to make swapping to greener alternatives easy. Making ethical choices gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing we do what we do to help protect this beautiful little green dot we live on. We are everyday people reaching out to other everyday people to become more eco-aware of the products we use for the future of our planet. If our passion for the protection of earth makes us forest bathers, tree huggers, ocean conservers, wildlife lovers then we are proud.

Before plastic took over, our great-grandparents would buy natural, everyday items made to last and those same household items would serve them well for years not days. Big businesses realised this limited repeat sales but if they could instead manufacture and sell products which constantly needed replacing the profits would be huge - and so the plastic, throw away revolution was born, at the expense of our planet. Mindful folk realise there is another way for a brighter tomorrow and are turning their backs on the disposable lifestyle.

  • Love it - find fabulous products you need and love making the eco-friendly move!
  • Use it - enjoy re-using everyday something that does what it's supposed to without the single-use plastic and waste!
  • Keep it - for as long as you can, green alternatives are made to last and in turn you're part of the movement to change the future of our planet - thank you 💚

Whether you're just taking the first green steps towards reducing your impact to the planet, seeking out eco super swaps for daily life or you're already a plastic-free warrior ready to fill your organic cotton tote with bamboo loveliness, we hope shopping with us will warm your soul.

If you have any green ideas you would like to share with us, products you would like to see or anything else please contact us, we would love to hear from you!