Why all the hate?

Whenever an individual makes positive change there is always a small minority who will  try to destroy it. Often jealous of the achievements of others, they choose to look for the weakness, the negatives and it isn't always because they don't agree or indeed admire the individual. Don't tolerate the negativity towards Greta and the generations she inspires.

Still in school she saw the problems surrounding the future of our planet and decided she wouldn't bury her head in the sand like the masses, she would act. Few of us have dreamt of being as strong as this young woman, being listened to as she is because she talks sense! She is telling us what many scientists have done for years. Suddenly the media takes notice because she isn't the 50 year old man with beard and glasses in a lab somewhere - she speaks the same truths they do. If she can be the individual to make the rest of the world to wake up, young and old, good. 

Ignore the social media posts that tell you 'these kids' don't know what they are talking about, 'we had glass milk bottles, walked to school, bought food loose from the high street and carried it in a linen bag'. Yes we did - we can do it again, so don't miss the bigger picture because a child pointed out what is wrong with the world, you don't have to be a scientist to understand that. #positivityforchange #letsallworktogetherforabrighterfuture 

video credit: @wwf international